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Digiland Vendor Program

Thanks to Digiland, you can easily and quickly create your online store to be able to sell on the Internet. Our teams will support you as soon as you register and teach you how to sell on the Internet and earn money! You will thus be able to receive orders 24/7 in addition to a payment made EVERY WEEK!

Sell on the internet in Morocco, and earn money Because at Digiland, we understand your need to receive your money on time, we pay each of our sellers each week, up to the sales he makes. Payment without delay, weekly and secure, so that our sellers are always satisfied!

Why Collaborate With Us

Digiland will take care of your business and will be your partner From taking orders to delivery, don’t worry about anything. Vous allez développer votre commerce en touchant des millions de clients Digiland vous garantit une grande visibilité sur son site.

1.000+ Official brands all over the world

95% Sattisfied Completely Customers

99+ Featured Products Categories

11.154 Orders has been shipped

200.000+ Monthly customers visit websites

39% Yearly profit incomes developing

Getting Started Is Easy

Easy and free registration. Signing up as a seller on Digiland and creating an online e-commerce store is easy, free and it will only take you 5 minutes! To access the registration form, please click on this link, then fill in the requested information fields.

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02. Product Listing

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03. Order & Shipping